Mushrooms of the mid Atlantic (mostly) by season

There are thousands of mushrooms all over the world. Some are highly sought after for culinary, medicinal, recreational, or even industrial reasons. The mushrooms that are featured below are mushrooms based in the mid Atlantic (because that's where I'm located!), and I primarily forage for culinary reasons. All of the pictures are either taken by myself or by my protege and have been personally consumed with no adverse reactions. However, every person is different so when consuming edible mushrooms for the first time, cook thoroughly, eat a small amount, and wait 24 hours. This list is a recount of my own experiences and is no way to be used as a sole guide to mushroom foraging. Always identify 100% before consuming any wild edible. I will gladly direct you to identifying resources, but I can not and will not give you a positive Identification through photo only. Happy hunting, be safe and discover your backyard!


-Chef Jonathan Kehau Till