Mushroom Infusions

The Beauty of Mushroom Infusions

Mushrooms are a type of fungus that is wonderfully unique. They're one of the few foods that are "immune modulators" which means they can adapt to the need of a person's immune systems. What's more is they can stimulate one's immune system, which helps one ward off sickness and expedites healing from sicknesses. So if you're looking for something powerful to add to your diet, mushroom infusions are it.

Infusions are a type of extract that is made by soaking parts of a plant or mushroom in liquid. When it comes to mushroom infusions, there are a couple of exciting trends that are happening right now. Perhaps most notably is the trend of mushroom-infused coffee. Coffees with mushroom infusions have become incredibly popular for a few reasons. First, there are the aforementioned immune system benefits, but mushroom infusions have caught on for more than just that. Mushroom infusions have also been shown to improve digestion, increase energy, encourage memory and brain power, and reduce the jitters one can get with the caffeine in coffee. If you don't drink coffee, you can enjoy a lot of those same benefits when adding mushroom infusions to your tea.

Or, if you don't like the taste of mushrooms or mushroom infusions, then there is another way to enjoy some key benefits of this fungi. Consider instead mushroom-infused soap. Mushroom-infused soap is great for the skin and can help with exfoliation. But mushroom-infused soap is just one of the many available beauty products that incorporate mushroom infusions.