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Catching up, Heritage Foraging steps out of the woods.

It's been a while since our last post. The last 2 months have seen the remodeling of the Heritage Foraging home office to make way for some new equipment. Also the landscape of the restaurant industry has been severely altered and alas keeping up on these post have gotten more difficult do to the time constraints. I have been able to keep up with foraging though and I must say, this year has not been a disappointment! Chanterelles, Black Trumpets and Cinnabars to name a few were out in force this year. The Maitakes aren't disappointing either having already pulled several pounds out early in the season (it started about 3 days ago here for me in Northern VA). Chicken of the woods have been making a late summer appearance too and although I haven't found any yet, I suspect Lions Maine and Hedge Hog Tooth will be showing up to the part soon if they haven't already arrived.

That's what's going on in nature, here at Heritage Foraging some cool things have been popping up too! Foraging isn't just about what can be eaten! There several varieties of mushrooms and plants that offer medicinal, both preventative and healing, properties that We've been collecting too. Turkey Tail, Chaga and Reishi mushrooms are defiantly not choice edibles but they are among the most sought after mushrooms in the world. All three of these are medicinal mushrooms that are immune boosters and are thought to help fight cancer. These mushrooms are often made into teas and tinctures and taken as daily supplements. Extracting the goods from these mushrooms can be a timely venture but what kind of forager would I be if I didn't offer ALL the benefits that nature has to offer?! So in the next couple of months (hopefully in time for the holiday season so you can have the BEST gifts to give your loved ones) Heritage Foraging will start rolling out its medicinal line of foraged goods!

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! Along with our medicinal line of goods we will also begin to start to manufacture beneficial cosmetics. The equipment the we added to our office happens to be a lab grade essential oil extractor, heaters, mixers and all sorts of other fun lab things! Bar soaps made with Holy (Tulsi) Basil essential oil and Chaga exfoliation, Lip balm with Turkey Tail extract and Lavender essential oil, Spiceberry and wild Spearmint shampoo (Spearmint oil helps control dandruff! Now you know) are a few to look out for in the up coming months.

On top of THAT, we have also purchased a professional laser etcher/cutter to start adding to our foraging gear and soon to come homegoods selection! Etched metal water bottles, personalized knife blades, art and more should (again, hopefully) soon be available on our store!

So as you can see, the reason for the lack of updates isn't complacency but rather rapid growth. It's my dream to be able to make EVERYTHING that nature has to offer available to all. Of course I want you to go out and see what there is to discover what's in your backyard, but I also want to be able to bring the very best of what's in my backyard right to your doors step in a way the benefits you the most! So until next time, happy Maitake hunting and check back with us in a couple of weeks for some new products!

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