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Do you have a yard, bet this grows in it!

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

It's one of the first plants to start to peak through the snow here in the upper mid Atlantic. Typically you see it grow in clusters until it's warm enough and the grass has grown tall enough to mow. Then its forgotten about until next year. I'm talking about wild garlic. This plant is so often over look people don't even see it as more than a weed. The list of what the uses are for this plant are as 'bout as long as your imagination can go. I've dug the bulbs used them in tempura veg (careful about doing this though because like ramps they take some time to generate, but they are a lot more prolific than ramps). I've used sliced them and used them in flat breads, I've dice them for beef tar-tar, and the list goes on and on until it comes to this one idea. Wild garlic and pistachio encrusted rainbow trout, and it was delightful! Anyone who's gone out to eat at a pseudo fancy to fancy fancy restaurant has no doubt encountered the dish trout almondine. Playing off this dish I took the idea and applied it to this recipe. The richness of the pistachios and the earthiness of the wild garlic is amazing, and this is one foraged item, you probably wont have to go far for.

Wild garlic & Pistachio crust

300 grams wild garlic tops

650 grams Unsalted pistachios

75 grams wild garlic bulbs

zest 4 lemons

1000 grams panko

25 grams salt

  1. Place all ingredients in a food processor and blend until everything is a fine crumb

  2. Spread evenly on a pan and bake at 250 until crumb has completely dried, about 20-25 min

  3. use as breading for favorite fish

*TIP* If you're having trouble getting crumb to stick, brush some egg white on flesh and then pat fish or desired meat into crumb mixture.

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