• Jonathan Till

Ready, Set...Go!

It's been a whirlwind of a month! I've always loved experimenting in the kitchen, find out what flavor match with each other and figuring out new techniques. I've found that transitioning from being a chef crafting cuisine to a chef crafting cosmetic products are really very similar. As a chef I always wanted to best ingredients I could find or something a little extra special that others weren't using; hence my dedication to foraging, gardening and farming. Cooking always came pretty naturally to me. Mixing flavors and techniques together along with different customs and cultures I've learned along the way was always my inspiration.

I always wondered if there would be another career path that cooking and and nature would and could take me on. You see many chefs (and aspiring chefs) don't make it out of the kitchen once they become ingrained in "the business". It becomes part of their DNA so to speak. The anxiety that a chef feels if he's been away from his kitchen for more that 24 hours is palpable. Many chefs lose relationships, friends, holidays, birthdays....all special occasions pretty much... do to their commitment to what they know and love.

Well, as I mentioned in my last post I found a way out! The great thing is that I'm finding a lot of my knowledge of ingredients and methods are very similar to cosmetic making! Like with everything there's a learning curve, It took me a try or two to get the bath bombs to hold together (I wish I had a picture of my face when I picked up my very first one I made and it fell apart). Soap making is a lot like bread making in the sense there aren't that many ingredients, but everything has to be very carefully monitored or you can end up with what I like to call "a big pile of wrong".

whether I'm making soap, foraging, or crafting cuisine, Heritage Foraging's goal is to be the mid-Atlantics premiere place for all wildcraft that goes into and onto your body. Our next posts will start highlighting ingredients, techniques and just a general idea of what were working on and with. If you have ANY requests for a product or want to get into foraging please feel free to drop us a line! As always, keep an eye on our "backyard section" for updates on the plants and mushrooms and check out our SHOP to see all our latest products. DECEMEBER 1ST IS OUR SOFT LAUNCH TO OUR COSMETICS!

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